Everything You Need to Know: Call of Duty: WW2

What do you need to know about Call of Duty: WW2

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Nov 2017

Call of Duty: WW2 releases tomorrow and while the series has slowed down since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 it still has a dedicated fanbase and is one of the most notorious, and profitable, franchises in gaming. Call of Duty: WW2 seeks to return to the series WW2 roots with this latest installment and we've composed an all-in-one article containing everything you need to know about the game.

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Call of Duty: WW2 focuses on a 12-man squad of the American 1st Infantry Division from 1944-45 during the European theater of conflict. Although the story will focus on 1944-45 flashbacks to 1940 to 1944 will occur during the campaign to bridge certain story elements. 

Players will take control of a myriad of characters, but will mostly focus on Private Ronald Daniels and Private Robert Zussman. Additional characters include Rousseau, French Forces of the Interior, and Major Arthur Crowley, a British Special Operations Executive Officer. 

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Squad-Based Gameplay

Unlike modern Call of Duty games, players will have to rely heavily on their squad for spotting and aid. Health regeneration has been eliminated and instead players must have medics provide health kits and even ammunition. Other squad members can spot enemies, enemy soldiers can be captured, and wounded allies can be dragged into cover. All this is encouraged thanks to a campaign XP system that bolsters your character's skills and that your squad mates can die permanently affecting the game's story.

Players won't be able to double jump or wall-run anymore. Taking its place are sliding and the hit-the-deck mechanic which allows players to go prone much quicker. Sprint has been reduced to a finite distance instead of an unlimited amount.

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Instead of classes, players choose 1 of 5 divisions that have their own unique training and skills. This also eliminates perks with players needed to progress through ranks to gain additional skills.

Infantry: The most versatile division in the game, it is equipped for mid to long range combat. The special skill of this division is the bayonet charge, which can lead to brutal melee combat.

Airborne: This division makes players move fast while remaining quiet. Players in this division can attach suppressors to submachine guns at any time during combat which allows for more stealth based gameplay style.

Armored: This division has the heaviest firepower, being able to mount machine guns and carry rocket launchers as secondary weapons.

Mountain: This division focuses on long range combat, making sniper rifles more precise with aim assist and improving the aim through scope by blocking out surroundings from player's view.

Expeditionary: Shotguns used by players in this division have incendiary rounds that burn enemies to death.

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Nazi Zombies

Like all Call of Duty Nazi Zombies will make a return in an alternate history where Nazi Zombies have risen due to inhumane experiments based on necromancy. The story focuses on Marie Fischer, a German Engineer working with Office of Strategic Services, ex-art thief Drostan Hynd, ex-art historian and French Resistance fighter Olivia Durant, and military sergeant Jefferson Potts and they attempt to uncover the Nazis' plans.

Players will choose from offensive, control, support, and medic to aid one another. Sledgehammer Games has stated that this campaign will be the scariest in the franchise. With jump scares and the fear found in survival-horror titles. 

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Controversary Scene Removal

Call of Duty: WW2 seeks to recapture the horrors of WW2 and in one scene particular has caused specific versions of the game to be reworked. In certain regions, the game has been altered for one specific scene involving a German Soldier forcibly taking a woman into a closet and unzipping his pants. This scene has been altered in AUS that removes the unzipping sound and has the woman wearing pants. In other Call of Duty games, such as Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Call of Duty: Ghosts players were given the option to remove the scene from their playthough, it's uncertain if the option will be provided in WW2 as well.

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Domination, Deathmatch, and Hardpoint will be making a return as well as Grind Iron where you must locate a target and deliver it to an enemy position. War mode is a 6v6 mode with alternating objectives.

Unlike other Call of Duty multiplayer modes, players have to select specific divisions that have their own weapons and skills, similar to the single-player. Headquarters is a first for the series that allows up to 48 players to link up in a hub world to try weapons, fight in 1vs1 matches, and watch players open loot boxes. Most likely to encourage players to buy loot boxes. However, this isn't a safe space as enemies will invade the area from time to time.

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Season Pass and Loot Boxes

Activision has promised 4 expansions, including Zombies content, for $49.99. All content will release on PS4 first then Xbox One and PC. The first DLC pack will launch on January 30th, 2018.

All loot boxes will include cosmetic options and no performance upgrades. Bounties will allow players to earn added upgrades but for now what these are is a mystery. 

Call of Duty: WW2 launches on November 3rd for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Xbox One X and PS4 Pro support have been confirmed.

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