Unlike the other 2 episodes, Episode Ignis allows the player to take on an alternate future where Ignis faces Ardyn in one final battle.

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Unlike the other option, Ardyn won't hold back here and will use all of his power. However, the Ring of Lucii will grant Ignis the use of its power but at a cost. Ignis has offered his own life as payment and you have 4 minutes to defeat Ardyn before you die.

The key here is a full frontal assault. Counter attacks are the best defense here as Ardyn will constantly teleport outside of Ignis' range. Use Stormbird to get in close and pummel Ardyn with Flamebird. The key here is a strong offense, a defense should be an afterthought.

If you continue to attack violently and without delay, you should defeat Ardyn within 3 minutes.

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