Tips For Surviving The Metal Gear Survive Beta

Things I wish I knew before playing Metal Gear Survive

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Jan 2018

The open beta for Metal Gear Survive is now available until January 21st, giving players the chance to survive the crystal-like zombie horde. Sounds easy enough, but it's not. Here are some tips that could be the difference between death and survival.

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Don't Skip the Tutorials

Tutorials are never fun and most of us skip them to learn the game on the fly, this is unwise if you plan to play Metal Gear Survive. The game is complicated, even more than Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, with more systems in place. Go to the main menu, the Personal tab, and choose Database > Tutorials to see how everything works.

Working Together Is Necessary

On easy mode, players can plow through enemy hordes with ease, but anything above easy will require coordination. Enemy hordes follow a specific path highlighted on the map but the rate of which enemies respawn are different. They come fast and without mercy.

Defending the camp from all angels is a necessary and if the Wanderers manage to penetrate your defenses the Wormhole Digger will go offline. Pooling resources together to build fences, traps, and even ammo is a great way of surviving when items are limited. Also, don't wander off on your own. During hectic times players who venture off to gather resources put the entire team in jeopardy. 

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Friendly Fire Is On

Before you start charging into Wanderers with your ax you want to make sure none of your allies are around you. Allies can be harmed in Metal Gear Survive and if you go down the only way to get back up is either a rare revive pill or someone helping you up. Stick together but do run in front of your allies while they're shooting or swinging.

Red Ring Of Destruction

When using your Wormhole Digger you'll notice a red ring encircling the device. No that's not an Xbox 360 easter egg but a dangerous blast that destroys all defenses you've constructed. If you see this red circle stop building, you'll waste resources on something that will crumble before you. Save it for the next wave.

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Look For Resources

Between waves, players can look for resources to help against the horde of enemies. Don't remain in your camp, venture off and look for shelters or broken equipment laying around. Resources are everywhere and remaining your camp during this time is a waste.

Complete Side Quests

Between waves, you'll notice small blue circles on your mini-map, these are side quests. These areas house resources, if you see them splitting your team to investigate would be ideal. These crates house valuable items worth the risk.

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Speed Up The Process

If you manage to gather enough Kuban Crystals, which are found from killing Wanderers and completing matches, you can speed up the Wormhole Digger. This can especially handy during difficult times when you know failure is imminent. 


Despite your best efforts sometimes you can find yourself faced with overwhelming odds. If failure is unavoidable players can request a withdrawal by interacting with the Digger and use the Request Withdrawal to be pulled from the operation. You'll need a majority rule from your team to trigger it but if done your team will be pulled and the mission will end. You'll still be rewarded for the mission.

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Level Up!

Once you earn enough Kuban Energy head to the Skill Trainer in the Staging Area between matches. Here you can add skill points to your characters such as HP, stamina, speed, and other useful talents. In a game where preparation is necessary to success having a powerful avatar is the best kind of arrangement. 

Metal Gear Survive launches February 20th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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