5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Beholder

The tutorial doesn't tell you everything, but we can

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Jan 2018

Beholder isn't an easy game. Much of game requires you to learn the complicated mechanics on your own with a bland barebones tutorial giving you a small portion of information. However, I've spent hours playing this game and have composed 5 tips you should know become starting your career as a landlord.

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The Phone Is Always Available

If you feel lost or unsure how something works the phone has a complete tutorial on everything you need to know. Interact with it and click on references to gain access to the complete achieve.

Speed Up and Stop

Above the left hand of the screen are 2 options, for triangle and square. Triangle increases the speed of time and square stops everything. When you stop time this means you and the entire world cannot move. Speeding up time will increase the speed of everything.

Saving is Auto

There's no manual saving in Beholder. Everything is automatic so make your choices count. If something critical happens there's no turning back. 

Can't Use The Same Item

Evidence plays a major role in Beholder and you cannot use the same evidence in reports. This means if you use something to blackmail someone you cannot use that same item to submit a report. You'll need to get hold of new information for each new report.

Save Your Money

This seems like common sense but at times you'll feel like you have enough money to spend recklessly, don't. At any time a new mission can appear and item prices can vary from small to incredibly expensive. For example, money used to keep your family healthy and happy will deplete your funds without proper planning.

Now you're ready to take on the challenges of being a landlord for this oppressive regime. 

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