How To Be A Master Thief In Beholder

Steal and avoid detection

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Jan 2018

When you're not trying to keep your family happy or serving the Ministry of Order you'll be spying on your tenants and breaking into their homes. As you might expect they don't like their private lives being invaded and if caught too many times they will call the police, forcing you to bribe them. Here is how you can be a master thief in Beholder.

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Knock First

The surveillance camera and peephole only provide a small cone-of-vision when peering into your tenant's apartments. If you don't remember whether they left or you cannot locate them knock on their door. Knocking will alert whoever is inside and if no one is inside nothing will happen.

Pay Attention To The Bubble

Everyone has a bubble that appears over their head when they're about to do something. You can use this to understand where each character is going. The cog means they're going to work, pots means the kitchen in the basement, and the phone and television mean they're going to their apartment. Use your camera to see their location if they're still inside the apartment to keep track of their movements.

Nothing To See Here

As long as you're not inside their apartment your tenants won't be alerted. Once you see them coming you just have to make it outside their door to avoid detection.

There you go, now get stealing.

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