Beginner Tips For Monster Hunter World

Starting with Monster Hunter World, here are some things you should know

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Jan 2018

I never played a Monster Hunter game, so when I started playing Monster Hunter World it was a difficult journey. I died, a lot but learned from my mistakes and now I can hunt with confidence. Here's everything you should know before jumping into Monster Hunter World.

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Treat Every Monster As A Boss Battle

Monsters in Monster Hunter World are complicated, with distinct behaviors and patterns to recognize. Each Monster is a boss fight and has specific strengths and weaknesses the player should study before engaging in combat. Knowledge of the creature will greatly increase your chances for success while charging in without a plan will make you dinner for something in the wild.

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No Health Bars

Monsters do not have health bars, instead, you have to rely on their behavior to understand their state. If they state limping, pausing or attempting to escape they're on the brink of death. Monsters who attempt to sleep are very low on health.

You can also break off portions of a Monster to prevent them from using them. If you break off a tail that Monster can no longer use it to attack, and it caused significant damage. Seeing a Monster use an attack multiple times with a specific body part, and is causing you trouble, and removing it can turn the tide of battle.

If you do die, don't worry. You have 3 times to try for each hunt.

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Weapon Types Matter

Having a powerful weapon won't make the game easier, weapon types play a major role in their movesets, damage, and effective use. Blades are quicker and allow for more movement while swords can be powerful but leave you open for attack. Bowguns have different ammunition loadout that is designed for a specific situation such as sniping, barriers, or high-powered shotguns. Learn how each weapon performs before using it.

Remember to take care of your weapons. For example, you can sharpen your blades as well. This is necessary since blades become dull over time with use.

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Resource Control And Important Shops

If you have something that isn't useful to you use the materials for something else. In Monster Hunter World hoarding is the last thing you want to do. If you need more resources head to the Resource Control center at the front of the main gate by the track yard in Astera. You can turn in quests and get them here, with bonus rewards attached beyond the Monster's Hunt.

When gathering resources you don't have to keep taping A/X. Just hold down the button to deplete the area of resources, whether Monster or natural resource.

Later in the game, you'll gain access to the Botanical Research center, use it. This allows you to grow agricultural resources that can be used for potions. 

Cooking is another essential skill in Monster Hunter World, and the Meowcular Chef is your best teacher. Look for the yellow quest marker at the cantina and he'll have you search the world for resources. These missions can pile up but completing them gives you better access to quality meals for powerful buffs.

If you have stuff you don't need head to the Elder Melder which is available halfway through the game. Use it frequently but don't give up any valuable resources.

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Be Prepare and Hunt Together

This is a recommendation and not necessary. Gamers can play Monster Hunter World entirely alone if they choose. Hunting in packs does raise the challenge, with enemies growing stronger base on your party size. However, if things become too hectic you can call other players to your aid using an SOS signal.

Before fights, it's recommended you place traps around the environment. This entire open world means that other Monsters can join the fight, either to help or hinder. Pitfall traps and electric traps can ensnare enemies and expose weaknesses. It also helps if you go with an escape plan. I usually have an escape route planned with a trap ready to ensnare the Monster in pursuit.

If you need a distraction use your Palicos. These little guys don't do a lot of damage but can be used as effective distractions.

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Understand Your Class

Always be aware of what you need to carry. If you're a melee class there's no reason to carry blowgun ammo on the field. It seems like common sense but after playing games like Skyrim and Final Fantasy hoarding items for their potential use was something I was familiar with. Jumping into Monster Hunter World I found out late in the game that most of my items were completely worthless to my class. 

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Bone Armor

I learn this by mistake but those pile of bones you see around the world aren't worthless, pick them up. If you need a solid set of versatile armor during the mid-game these are great. They're resistance to fires attacks and dragons, which is 2 things are everyone in this game will have to contend with. 

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Research And Exploration

Scout flies are your best friends. They'll highlight important areas, footprints, resources, and lead you to your marker. Each time you scout footprints, finding valuable materials, and cutting parts off monsters. These points are a secondary currency that can be used to buy valuable items back at Astera, so track footprints whenever you see them, even if you don’t need them.

Each area houses more than resources, there are mini-quests. Completing them offers small bonuses such as resources and are a big help in solo journeys. If you need to get to your camp quickly just fast travel. Traveling to a campsite carries no plenty and is the best way to regroup.

There you are, some beginner tips for Monster Hunter World. Share your own in the comments below!

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