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Get rich in Monster Hunter: World

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Jan 2018

Monster Hunter: World is full of dangerous creatures and weapons to collect. However, money is just as important and if you don't find ways to earn a living you can easily end up bankrupt. Here are some methods of how to earn money quickly.

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1. Investigations

These pool of never-ending quests offer endless rewards, sometimes they can become extremely profitable. The issue is that this is a matter of luck and not all Investigations will yield large rewards but they will grant items that could prove useful. Investigations can only be completed 5 times in total but if you get lucky these missions can lead to a lot of money. 

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2. Farming Might Seeds

Being a seed farmer is quite profitable in Monster Hunter: World and if you want a constant stream of Zenny this is the easiest method to do. Might Seeds are plentiful and easy to obtain, they sell for 140 Zenny which isn't a lot alone. Get a bunch and you can make some serious Zenny.

First, you must unlock the Botanical Research Center through story progression. You can leave an item here to cultivate while you quest and come back to collect them. Each box is 1 iteration, which takes 1 quest to fill up. Come back after 10 quests to find the box filled up.

If you cannot farm Might Seeds you want to get the 4-star quest Persistent Pests which has you hunting Horn Eaters. These bugs can be found in the Rotten Vale and look like black locust. Once done you can now farm Might Seeds. Leave 1 in the box and come back to sell them when needed but keep 1 to keep the cultivation going.

If Might Seeds aren't in supply you can use honey or any other seed.

Now the next method does have some spoilers but it's also the best way to farm Zenny. Proceed at your own risk.

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3. Bandit Mantle

Later in the game, you'll get an optional mission called Redefining the 'Power Couple' 5-Star quest which has you hunting a Rathalos and Ratheon. Speak to the lady in the workshop to get the Bandit Mantle. This item causes monsters to drop trading items when attacked. Trading items are only used to be sold for Zenny and nothing else, meaning you can farm weaker monsters. Simply attack a monster until it starts glowing and once it's weak enough your hit will cause it to drop trading items.

Teams can each equip the mantle to maximize their drop. Simply trade blows with allies who's mantle is activated.

Have any more tips on how to earn money? Let us know in the comments below!

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