Monster Hunter: World - How To Capture Monsters Alive

Don't kill them, take them as your prisoner

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Jan 2018

As the name implies Monster Hunter: World is largely about killing monsters but that's not all you can do. You can take the beast alive if you wish.

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Capturing smaller monsters is easy enough. Simply find one in the field and equip a net; aim, shoot, and if you net the creature it'll appear back at your headquarters.

Capturing large beasts is a lot more difficult that requires multiple steps. First, players have to obtain the correct supplies, this includes tranq bombs and shock traps. Both items can be crafted with shock traps requiring trap tools and thunderbugs whole tranq bombs need sleep herbs and parashrooms. These items can be purchased or found easily within the world.

Missions that require you to capture monsters alive will supply you with a supply box with the items needed. At any rate, you should have these tools for the mission.

You need to immobilize the monster before it can be captured. Fight it as normal to wear it down, when it starts to limp get in front and drop shock traps at its feet to immobilize it then throw tranq bombs at its head. If successful the monster will be knocked out and captured, if not it'll recover to its limping stage. Simply try again.

Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter World is much harder than killing them but usually yield better rewards. Having friends does make the experience easier but be ready to contend with a creature with more health.

Monster Hunter: World is now available for Xbox One and PS4.

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