Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Just For Fans?

Everyone can enjoy Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Jan 2018

At first glance, Dragon Ball FighterZ seems like a game created for the fanbase. High ferocity and characters traveling at light speed, Arc System Works has created a gameplay experience that captures the sheer absurdity the franchise is known for, right down to the planet buster energy blasts. Despite this many gamers might be turned off, wondering if the game will cater to them if they either have no interest or understanding in the franchise. I'm going to argue you don't need to be a Dragon Ball fan to enjoy FighterZ.

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First off, yes Dragon Ball FighterZ has been designed and built with Dragon Ball fans in mind. The entire character roster alone is a tribute to the entire franchise from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super. That also means that newcomers, with no knowledge of the franchise, have an assorted cast to choose from.

Dragon Ball has been lucky enough to boast a variety of characters with unique looks. Even without any knowledge of the franchise simply scanning through the roster will give you an idea of who looks appealing to play as. The game has been balanced to ensure a fair experience regardless of who you pick. Yes, every character has a distinct pool of attacks but with enough practice, any character can take on anyone. Dragon Ball FighterZ, at its core, is a fighting game.

That's the biggest appeal to Dragon Ball FighterZ, it's a fighting game first. The developers have taken the time to intricately design a combat system that rivals great fighting franchises such as Injustice and Street Fighter. The difference being that Arc System Works captured the essence of the franchise and developed it into a video game.

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If your a fighting game fan Dragon Ball FighterZ's system will instantly click. Things such as anti-air, parrying, and dashing are all here. Just like in Mortal Kombat you have to read your opponents movement while executing your own plan of attack. Dragon Ball FighterZ has all the aspects of a competitive fighter, complete with an in-depth tutorial ranging from simple attacks to summoning the wish dragon Shenron.

You don't need to be a Dragon Ball FighterZ fan to enjoy it. The game offers a colorful variety of characters that will instantly interest you. Coupled with the deep fighting mechanics for fans of the genre and the game provides multiple reasons to pick it. Yes, the game was designed with the Dragon Ball community in mind but the developers have crafted a deep fighting game within this universe. It's fast, fun, and most importantly accessible.

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