Monster Hunter: World vs. Destiny 2, Who Did It Better?

Has Destiny 2 maintain its luster since releasing back in 2017 or is the addicting gameplay of Monster Hunter: World better?

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Feb 2018

Both Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World offers large expansive worlds full of various creatures to kill for resources and new weapons. The desire to get your warrior strongest with new weapons and armor pushes the player to engage in difficult challenges and trials in the hope of obtaining legendary gear. However, which did it better? Does Destiny 2's science-fiction world provide more reasons to come back or did Monster Hunter: World debut throttle Bungie's latest game?

Since Monster Hunter: World PvP update isn't live yet this article won't focus on competitive multiplayer.

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Shooting or Swording?

Now both of these games play very differently from one another. Destiny 2 is an FPS shooter with 3 different classes that each have unique abilities and a large assortment of powerful guns to choose from. Monster Hunter: World is a bit more diverse with weapons playing a major role in how your character acts. Each game plays differently but how you obtain loot is radically different.

In Destiny 2 much of the content, especially seasonal content is locked behind paid restrictions found in the Eververse. In addition, Bungie has been caught on several occasions locking content behind paid the recent paid expansion, reducing experience earned, and overall lack of communicating about future updates.

Monster Hunter: World has no paid restrictions, instead, everything relies on how much the player does. Gathering resources requires work and completing optional objectives yield beneficial rewards that can either lead to better armor and weapons or items paramount to survival. What Monster Hunter: World excels at is the rich and diverse world.

Destiny 2's various planets offer unique settings but most of them provide stale mission structures. With players repeating the same tasks with meager rewards, and without many enemies to use the items on. Monster Hunter: World doesn't have this issue as the monsters live in a living system that can lead to dynamic battles where creatures jump out of nowhere, attack your target, or ambush you in battle. This constant state of alert ensures that everything you gather will play an important role throughout the game, especially after the end.

The end game of Monster Hunter: World is the true test. With the third tier of monsters ready to turn you into their next meal. Doing investigations linked to these new monster variants unlock a new material to augment your weapons with more powerful variants. Destiny 2 offers a similar system with legendary shares but due to the game's lack of variant content, many will find this to be a chore. Instead, Monster Hunter: World continues to provide more reasons to come back way after the credits roll.

Winner: Monster Hunter: World

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Space Odyssey or Fantasy World

Destiny 2's story was a massive leap for the franchise, especially because the franchise did have much of a story in the first place. Much of the game has you taking the role as the savior, the only one capable of saving the Traveler and leaving everyone else to the sidelines. The incredible set pieces, cinematics, and soundtrack do help propel Destiny 2's campaign to great heights but it also fumbles a lot along the way.

The lack of an interconnected matchmaking system alienates you from other players. A huge complaint from the first game was the game didn't offer a seamless matchmaking system and while you do see other Guardians running on the battlefield having them join you is a taxing process. A feature not present in Monster Hunter: World.

Whether it's NPCs or actual players the game constantly makes you feel like you're a part of something big. You're not a lone warrior trying to do the impossible while other players remain out of arms' reach, instead, asking for help is easy. Throw up an SOS flare or join another group doing similar missions, no hassle; with the exception of private groups.

By the end of Monster Hunter: World, you feel like you'll accomplish a massive feat. Defeated an all-powerful monster and now looking for new challenges. In Destiny 2, you end up where you started. Information about how the traveller chooses Guardians, what it is, or why you're so special is never answered. You saved the Traveler from Dominus Ghaul and the solar system but what about The Darkness, why didn't its followers attack while all of this was happening? So many unanswered questions made the jounrey hollow.

Winner: Monster Hunter: World

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Winner: Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World constantly presents challenges well into the end game content. New weapons and armor continuous push the player forward with more powerful enemies constantly being introduced. The incorporation of teamwork helps build a sense of community within this large world and with future content promised it's hard to doubt that unlike Destiny 2's community, Monster Hunter: World is going remain a constant joy for well into 2018.

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