Monster Hunter: World, Where to Find Coral Crystal and Bone

How to farm for Coral Crystal and Bone

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Feb 2018

If you've been playing Monster Hunter: World then you noticed that Coral Crystal and Coral Bones are incredibly valuable. These materials are able to craft a variety of armor and powerful weapons. For those who need help finding these rare materials were crafted a guide to help you.

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Coral Crystal in the Coral Highlands

Before attempting to locate mining points you must finish the mission "One for the History Books". After Coral Crystal can be found in the Coral Highlands. The best places to farm for the rare material is between Area 10 and 11 of the map. There are outcroppings on the western side of Area 11. Area 20 also yields positive results but I found Area 10 to be the best.

When depleted the outcroppings will regenerate over time. Fast travel away from the area then head back again.

Coral Bones in the Coral Highlands

Unlike Coral Crystals Coral Bone requires more luck. There are several respawning bone piles for Hunters to collect throughout the map. The best area is Area 2 on the map, following the path from south to north, head east at the fork, and players should see all 3 along the way. The first 2 being on the right side, and the third on the left.

You can return to the start of the path and keep circling to replenish the piles. One more pile is available at the clearing of Area 4.

Monster Hunter: World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch in autumn 2018 for PC.

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