Monster Hunter: World, How to Beat Odogaron

How to find and defeat Odogaron

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Feb 2018

Monster Hunter: World is full of dangerous monster but not all of them are large hulking beasts, others are slender eating machines. Odogaron is one of the most dangerous creatures in Monster Hunter: World equipped with bone-snapping jaws and flesh tearing claws. Here's how to kill it.

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Odogaron can be found in the Rotten Vale, it's smaller than other parts of Monster Hunter: World and extremely territorial. Finding it won't be an issue but it's hanging around the central camp. 

Odogaron has a powerful stun ability but can be stunned with big weapons when struck on its head. However, Odogaron is fast and can easily evade, leaving you open to attack. Instead, use a quicker weapon such as a Bow, Light Bowgun, or Dual Blades. If attacked the bleeding effect this monster inflicts can do some serious damage. To fix this put away your weapon and couch until your health is restored.

Electric and Ice damage are effective against the Odogaron. Using traps to slow down or stun the beast will increase your chances of killing the beast.

Monster Hunter: World is now available for Xbox One and PS4. The PC version launches in Fall 2018.

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