Monster Hunter: World, How to Beat Rathalos

How to find and defeat Rathalos

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Feb 2018

Monster Hunter: World is teeming with deadly creatures and one that's top of the food chain is Rathalos. A staple in the franchise this creature has maintained its slot as apex predator of the Ancient Forest and can be encountered for the first time within the Fiery Throne Atop the Forest story quest.

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Preparing for Battle

Before fighting Rathalos you need strong armor with high defense. Rathalos has a lot of fire-based attacks, so having fire resistance is ideal. Low-ranked hunters should use either bone, kestodon, hunter, leather, or anja armor sets. High-rank hunters will have access to more choices such as alpha versions of previously stated armor and Diablos and Odogaron sets.

Rathalos also has access to a few poison-based attacks. Bring antidote options and anti-poison in case. 

Rathalos is weak to lightning based attacks. It can also fall victim to sleep, paralysis, and stunning. In terms of weapons, the best options are swords and hammers.

Combat Strategy

Rathalos can be located near the northern part of the Ancient Forest and will attack on sight. Players can gain an early advantage by using a barrel bomb to blow up the nearby dam for significant damage.

Rathalos will attempt to use firebombs to deal damage directly at your location. The tell is obvious and can be avoided easily, with fire forming around its month. The tail, head, and claws are the monster's weak points. Players with bladed weapons should target the tail and try and cut it off, without it, Rathalos will lose a lot of its ground-based attacks and poison hunters. Ranged weapon users should use explosive ammo at Rathalos' head to stun the beast.

Stun gadgets will slow Rathalos down for a few extra hits. Those who have the Palico Flashfly Case should use it to stun Rathalos.

Monster Hunter: World is now available for Xbox One and PS4. It'll release on PC this Autumn.

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