Monster Hunter: World, How to Get All Palico Gadgets

How to get all the Palico Gadgets

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Feb 2018

Monster Hunter: World's Palcios may not seem at the most intimidating allies in the game but the cat-like creatures are very useful in battle. Depending on what gadget you have equipped these anthropomorphic cats can assist the player, add buffs, heal, and help farm items.

There are 6 total gadgets in Monster Hunter: World for these cats and we know where they're all located.

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1. Vigorwasp Spray

The Vigorspray can unleash a burst of energy that heals the player a specific percentage depending on their overall health. This is unlocked at the beginning of the game and is one of the most useful gadgets in the game.

2. Flashfly Cage

This gadget can stun nearby enemies. When stun enemies are exposed to major damage.

To unlock the Flashfly Cage, players will need to follow the Grimalkynes doodles up into the trees. One of the Grimalkynes (cats) will run and the player had to catch it. Doing so will unlock the Flashfly Cage back at Astara.

3. Shieldspire

The Shieldspire blocks incoming damage while drawing all agro to the Palico. To unlock this players must activate the quest in zone 8 where the Grimalkynes are hiding. They will They will ask the player to collect 3 protectors scattered around the Wildspire Waste marked on your map.

4. Coral Orchestra

Coral Orchestra is a musical instrument that increases the player's damage, defense, and resistance for a small period of time. The quest to unlock this gadget is activated after killing the Shamos in Zone 10 of the Coral Highlands. 

The Grimalkynes will give the player a task to kill or capture two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku monsters. These dilophosaurus looking monster that uses its facial “wings” to stun anything in front of it. Finish off two of them and then return to the cats for the Coral Orchestra Palico gadget.

5. Plunderblade

The Plunderblade takes extra materials from monsters, great for farming.

Players need to witness the Odogaron carrying a dead Legania in Zone 13 of the Rotten Vale. Enter the cave to see one of the Grimalkynes' in danger. Lure it out with a piece of meat to unlock the Plunderblade.

6. Meowlotov Cocktail

The final gadget does exactly what the name states. It has the Palico throwing a fire bomb at the monster.

You must gain access to the Elder’s Recess then sneak through the entire area and talk to the Grimalkyne leader. It will give the player the Meowlotov Cocktail and send them on their way.

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