Metal Gear Survive - Best Ways To Earn Kuban Energy

How to earn enough Kuban Energy

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Feb 2018

Kuban Energy is the most important resource in Metal Gear Survive. Players need to obtain this energy to build items, weapons, armor, and progress in the story. Here's the best way to earn high amounts of Kuban Energy.

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Stealth Kills

You can charge into enemies and stab the energy out of them but the most effective way is to stealth kill and capture their bodies. When killed stealthfully the Wanderers will begin to twitch, this is your opportunity to capture their body by holding A on Xbox One and X on PS4. Once captured you'll earn more Kuban Energy than if you killed and harvesting the body afterward. 

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Singularity Digs

These Singularity Digs are the best opportunity to earn a large amount of Kuban Energy. These missions will be marked on your map with a blue circle. Head to the point and trigger the event by starting the digger, this will cause hordes of Wanderers to come out. Simply survive the horde and you'll earn a large amount of Kuban Energy.

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Lure and Bomb

The best tactic for gaining a lot of Kuban Energy is by killing a large amount of Wanderers. Find a pact, the best during horde-like events, and use the Lure to get all the Wanderers together. Once they've all bunched up throw a grenade or Molotov to wipe them out. If you use this technique during a Singularity you'll automatically earn the Kuban Energy without having to harvest them. 

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