Metal Gear Survive - How To Survive Sahelanthropus' Battle

Recovering Sahelanthropus isn't going to be easy

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Feb 2018

Sahelanthropus' recovery is the hardest horde-mission in Metal Gear Survive. You have to survive for 15 minutes against Wanderers, not easy. However, use our strategy and you'll get out alive and with a giant robot friend.

First off, prepare. That means having fences, mines, lures, and most importantly at least one gun. If you have turrets it'll make the battle much easier. Before the battle begins, have a barrier placed in front of the Wormhole Generator. Next place a barrier next place a mine behind the generator, 2 on top of the ridge directly in front, and 2 more by the path leading to the lake. Now you're ready.

The fight will begin with basic Wanderers. Take them out as you normally would, preventing them from getting to the generator. If you find yourself overwhelmed, use lures to gather the Wanderers up and throw a Molotov or grenade. During the halfway point Mortars will start appearing. This is the tricky part, use them to your advantage and don't kill them. Use the rock's side as a barrier to lure shots from the Mortars against the Wanderers, they'll take them out. If a Mortar starts to shoot the generator get its attention by running on top of the same rock. 

If you have a turret deploy one at the entrance of the base housing the teleporter. This won't give you a view of the lake but a clear shot to anyone who attacks the Wormhole Generator. Mortars, if not used, will remain in the base. If you did use them during the battle to activate the teleporter they won't reappear.

Keep the Mortars alive, with the exception of the one on the far left. This one can aim and shoot the generator if given the chance. However, use the other Mortars to kill off a majority of the Wanderers while sweeping up any stragglers. The battle is long winded but manageable.

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