Metal Gear Survive - How to Defeat The Lord of Dust

Ready for the final battle?

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Feb 2018

You've made it to the end, it's time to face The Lord of Dust and prevent another planet-wide extinction. The Lord of Dust won't make it easy, summoning as many of its victims as possible. This is going to be a large and difficult battle.

The battle will take place in 3 waves by your home base. None of the waves are timed and instead are based on a finite amount of Wanderers. You must kill them all to proceed to the next wave. Since this is the final battle bring your most powerful items, you're going to need every bit of help.

Each wave will grant access to different types of defense options along with your own arsenal. Since you're close to your base you can head back between waves to replenish your supplies. You only have 2 minutes to do so and Chris will provide defenses for you to help. Save your own supplies for desperate measures.

The first wave will consist of Bombers and Wanderers. Chris will supply you with 3 turrets, 2 layers of fences, and a bunch of spiked barricades. Use the turrets to shoot the bodies of the Bombers, their weak point, to cause them to explode and reduce the Wanderers population. The best way to capitalize on kills is to use lures to cause the Wanderers to get close together and kill the Bombers when they get close enough.

The second wave will include Wanderers, Bombers, and Mortars. The Mortars won't come till the very end. Chris will provide you 1 turrets, 2 mortars, and fire plates. These are especially useful since you can lure Wanderers on top and have them burn to death without wasting ammo. The waves are straightforward until the end with the Mortars. When they appear you've reached the end, head up and use your primary gun to shoot them to death.

The final wave is the longest, hardest, and most dangerous. Wanderers will start charging for what seems like an endless wave. Coupled with them are Bombers and Trackers. Thankfully the Trackers will come on their own wave.

Chris will provide 4 turrets in this wave along with 2 layers of fences and a large number of spike barricades. Your goal is to use whatever means to keep the horde at bay. Lures are your best friend here, use them to keep the cannon fodder away and use aim with the turrets, don't spray and pray. Use these tactics and you'll come out on top and defeat The Lord of Dust.

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