Beginner Tips for Metal Gear Survive

Need help starting out in Metal Gear Survive?

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Feb 2018

Right from the start Metal Gear Survive can feel intimidating. You're told you need food and water or you'll die, all while the meter is constantly ticking down. Here are some beginner tips to help you on your journey.

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Don't Waste Time

The beginning of Metal Gear Survive is also the most difficult. You barely have any tools, resources, and your only weapon is a makeshift pipe. Don't waste time exploring, instead, start heading directly from one mission to another. Collect everything you can without becoming encumbered, skin all Wanderers for their energy, and don't stop till you obtain the cooking pot.

The cooking pot is the most important tool in the game because it allows you to purify water. Drinking contaminated water will cause an infection that you can heal, but you're likely lacking resources to do that. Venturing into the landscape and exploring random areas will drain your already limited resources.

Best of all you'll gain enough resources and food to better sustain yourself. Wandering the landscape will waste time and should only be done once you've gained a footing within the game. This means a healthy selection of food and treated water. Animal-based products, berries, and carrots will spoil so don't store it for too long.

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Don't Repair Constantly

Your gear is decaying and you want to repair, however, don't. You should only repair at the 50% mark, this is when your weapons and armor begin to lose their effectiveness. Constantly repairing will just waste resources, this can be especially problematic in the later game. Better weapons and armor sometimes require rare items to fix, which can become a burden with powerful weapons.

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Complete Daily Objectives and Open Crates

If you encountered a Gear Set or any other item inside a packaging head to Virgil to unlock these items. They usually yield resources and powerful items. Weapons and armor usually come in broken variants but can be fixed. In addition, Virgil offers daily and weekly challenges that can be completed for items.

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Look for the Lights

The Dust is a cloudy mist that you can barely see through, however, some bright lights can offer a guiding path when lost. Look up for bright green and blue lights to guide your way out. Blue lights mark Charon Corp. supply crates and green lights mark the location of teleporters.

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Stock Up on Kuban Energy

Kuban Energy makes Dite go round. You need an absurd amount of this energy to do everything in the game from building and crafting to resupplying your canister with oxygen when in the Dust. It may seem like a chore but harvest all of it, you can never have too much Kuban Energy. Especially since it's needed to adds skill points.

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Remember and Revist

Metal Gear Survive replenishes resources over time. This means locations that held bottles, steel, or even first aid kits will have them available again later on. The spawn rate varies between 30 minutes to 2 hours but eventually, locations that help important items will appear once again. Make a mental note of areas housing supplies that are constantly in demand such as bottles and steel. This also includes Charon Corp. supply crates.

Metal Gear Survive is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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