Metal Gear Survive - How to Unlock Subclasses

Get 4 new classes in Metal Gear Survive

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Feb 2018

If you finished Metal Gear Survive you probably noticed that there's one achievement you're missing, Ability. This unlocks subclasses within the game but how do you get it? It's pretty simple but missable.

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After defeating The Lord of Dust Virgil tells you can now farm for Iris Energy at your base. Prepare your defenses and do exactly that. After farming, Virgil will alert you of an SOS signal, head to the distress signal and rescue another surviving member of the Charon Corp. However, he's heavily guarded by powerful Wanderers so go prepared.

Finally, you have to recover one more item for Virgil. Unfortunately, it's in a heavily guarded area. Those familiar with The Phantom Pain will know this location well but it's way behind the building. Inside are dozens of Wanderers and Trackers. Big guns and powerful melee weapons. After retrieving the data head back to Virgil to unlock the 4 subclasses Assault, Jaeger, Medic, and Scout.

Each one has specialized talents and will require a large amount of Kuban Energy to fully upgrade.

Metal Gear Survive is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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