What Metal Gear Survive Can Improve On With The Next Game

Things that Metal Gear Survive was lacking in

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Feb 2018

Metal Gear Survive is out and while some aspects of the game, such as the Lord of Dust and survival do add new elements to the game's formula. However, future installments should consider changing less appealing attributes. Here's what Metal Gear Survive could improve on with the next game.

This article contains spoilers for Metal Gear Survive

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Unique Location

In Metal Gear Survive you learn that Dite isn't an alternate dimension but the future. Earth and much of its life have been assimilated by the Dread Dust caused by nanomachines developed by humans. The source of all Dread Dust comes from the Lord of Dust who travels back in time using wormholes to constantly infect the past. This is why much of the game looks like The Phantom Pain, it's the same place only in the future.

However, this was also a major problem. Since much of the assets were recycled from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Survive felt more like a professionally made mod. The next game should include a unique environment. If Konami decides to keep using alternate timelines than more effort should be made to make the area more distinct from the original.

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Less Paid In-Game Restrictions

The most notorious issue from Metal Gear Survive is the over saturation of microtransaction. Character slots, preload options, and much more are locked behind SV Coin barriers. While players can earn SV Coins by playing the game through daily logins the amount given is too small, with an average amount of 30 SV Coins. To put things into perspective you need 1000 SV Coins to unlock 1 character slot. This needs to be toned down.

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Extensive Multiplayer Options

Metal Gear Survives multiplayer options are lacking, which is shocking considering the potential. Players can only compete in a cooperative tower defense mode and no competitive option. In addition, the campaign had potential to include cooperative multiplayer since much of the game focuses on survival and resource gathering. 

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An Actual Protagonist

Create your own character works in some games, such as The Elder Scrolls and the recently released Monster Hunter World, but not here. The everyman protagonist doesn't fit the Metal Gear universe. The games have always focused on a powerful solider that is leagues beyond anyone else. That's what made playing as Snake, Big Boss, Venom Snake, and even Raiden such a joy. The Captain doesn't have a personality or anything interesting. The Captain is a just boring shell.

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Lower the Rate of Thirst and Hunger

The thirst and hunger meters do increase the difficulty of the game but the rate of which they drain is too fast. Games that do take advantage of these systems such as Fallout: New Vegas' Hardcore Mode and Rust aren't as demanding as Metal Gear Survive. Too much time is dedicated to getting water and food.

Metal Gear Survive is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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