Far Cry 5: How to Unlock the Mountain Lion

Peaches the Mountain Lion ready to help

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Mar 2018

Far Cry 5 has a lot of different companions, with Ubisoft taking note from games such as Far Cry Primal since you can not only recruit a Bear but a Mountain Lion named Peaches.

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North by the Moonflower Trailer Park and south of the Baron Lumber Mill is the mission "Peaches Taxidermy". It should appear on your map when you arrive in Faith's Region. You'll encounter a woman named Ms. Marbles who'll tell you about Peaches and give you further instructions on her location. Gather up meat and head to the location on the map.

The quest marker will lead you to more Eden Gate members. Use the meat by accessing the weapon wheel and throw it towards the cultist to lure Peaches out of hiding. Use the meat to lure her back to the pen, be sure to take the routes that go around the bridge to avoid fights.

Peaches will only go as far as the meat, so make a solid path. Back at the site, Eden's Gate has taken hold. Take them out and Peaches will head inside the pen. Speak to Ms. Marbles and you'll earn an achievement and a new companion.

Peaches is powerful and fast, but most important stealthy. If you're looking for a great ally to remain undetected she's the best option.

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