Far Cry 5: How to Defeat Jacob Seed

Time to put the monster down

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Mar 2018

Jacob Seed is soldier shouldn't be taken lightly. This battle is intense but follow our strategy and you'll come out on top.

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The first part of the battle takes place in a hallucination, forcing you to take out radio towers. Don't rush in, instead, take your time and kill the enemies around especially the snipers. Since the towers are in the same general area snipers will constantly hit you if you don't take them out.

Once enough are dead then rush in and take out the power source. Do this for each tower for the final battle to begin.

Here you have 2 options, sniper battle or rush forward. To gain ground on Jacob take out his allies. Once they're dead shoot at Jacob to force him to take cover and head up. Use the rocks as cover as you kill, cover, and run. When you get to the top start shooting but don't get too close or he'll knock you down like Faith.

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