Far Cry 5 - Explosive Surprise Achievement Guide

Blowing stuff up and getting achievements

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Apr 2018

One of Far Cry 5's hardest achievements is the Explosive Surprise Achievement. It requires you to sabotage 5 vehicles in a way that kills an enemy. Here's the best way to get this achievement.

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First, get the Sabotuer perk from the skill tree for 7 points on the 4 line from the top. Next head to Red's Farm Supply in the middle of John's Region, here enemy cars will also appear.

When the enemy car appears shoot the driver and head to the side of the hood of the car. This will prevent the passenger from hitting you. Hold X on Xbox One and Square on PS4 to prime the car to explode, crouch around the car, and keep the enemy close enough. It'll take 10 seconds for the explosion but it'll happen.

Fast travel to the same point and repeat the process.

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