Far Cry 5 - Death From Above Achievement Guide

Easiest way to destroy 4 vehicles with a plane

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Apr 2018

Far Cry 5's most annoying achievement is the Death from Above achievement that requires you to destroy 4 vehicles with a single bomb. You can do this legitimately or another way. Here's the easiest way.

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First grab a plane from a rest stop with a plane shop, grab a Carmina, The Clusterduck, or The Wild Goose since they can drop bombs and head to a garage.

Park the plane next to the garage and grab 4 quads from the shop. Quads are the only vehicle you can 4 at a time. Park the quads on each side of the plane, ensuring they're touching it.

Get into the plane, don't move, and drop a bomb to blow up you and all the vehicles to get the achievement.

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