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    Not much to say. Well for a good start, I'm obviously a gamer who games on both consoles and PC. One of my hobbies consist of creating videos, whether there are people to watch them or not, I just love making videos. I like to write a lot too, mostly in the form of blogs and and reviews, though I tend to be lazy regarding reviews and therefore they usually take me several weeks, even months to finish. For anyone interested, here are my user names (please make sure to tell me that you are from NoobFeed when adding me): PS3: FetusZero X360: FetusZero Steam: FetusZero Just about anywhere you can think of, it is FetusZero, so it should be too hard finding me ;p keep in mind that I'm not a big online gamer, in fact I tend to not game online at all. Welp, I guess that sums it up.

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