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Shelter 2

Cuter than before, Shelter 2 both melts and disintegrates hearts.

by Daavpuke, 08 Mar 2015

It’s likely just as hard to make a calm game, as it is to build an action-packed feature. As such, Shelter 2 nails the former aspect nicely, letting its audience participate in the wonder of nature through a lynx family, mother and cubs. While this comes with its share of i...

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  • More Details Surrounding Shelter 2

    By XboxBetty, Posted 16 May 2014

    In March indie developer Might and Delight, creator of Pid and Shelter, announced they were working on a sequel of sorts, Shelter 2. Featuring a lynx, the successor expands on the

  • Shelter 2 Releasing this Fall

    By XboxBetty, Posted 31 Mar 2014

    Might and Delight's 2013 game Shelter follows a mother badger as she protects her cubs from the elements, predators and starvation. Sticking to the theme, the recently revealed


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    The Art of Choice

    By Artemis, Posted 10 Apr 2015

    For many years now, video games have been trying to establish themselves as a new medium. A medium that allows you to interact with it freely, all while giving you an experience li

General Information

Shelter 2


Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Might and Delight
Developer(s): Might and Delight
Genres: Survival
Themes: Open World
Release Date: 2014-08-01