Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia Are Now Free on Epic Games Store

2 new games available on the Epic Games Store now

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Apr 2020

The Epic Games Store has 2 new games available for free until April 23rd. With Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia both available for free.

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You don't need a premium subscription to download both titles. Simply download the Epic Games Store launcher and get the games for free.

Just Cause 4 sees rogue agent Rico Rodriguez land in Solis to hunt down the truth about his past, at any cost. Jump into an action-packed open-world sandbox experience and cause chaos with a wide selection of weaponry, vehicles and gear!

Embark on an immersive road trip through the gritty western coast of Italy during the roaring 1970’s. Playing as Lella, a bold, spunky woman, experience the sights and sounds of a tumultuous time in Italy’s history while uncovering events from Lella’s past.

The next game being offered is For the King this April 23rd.

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