Guerrilla Games and Sony Originally Set Horizon Zero Dawn 2 as a PS4 Release

2 more Horizon Zero Dawn games apparently in development

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Apr 2020

Horizon: Zero Dawn is widely considered one of the best games in this generation. With Guerrilla Games creating a brand new third-person IP that goes outside their established reputation of creating the hit FPS Killzone. The first game's expansion and core game ended with a cliffhanger for a sequel but apparently Guerrilla Games was going to release the new game on the PS4 before deciding to push it back to the PS5.

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According to VGC, multiple sources confirmed that SIE confirmed that a new title was set for a PS4 release but the scope became too large. Now the game is set to release for the PS5. With the next game having a larger open world, more freedom, and apparently a cooperative feature.

The source told VGC Guerrilla planned to release the cooperative game as a preview with progression carrying over but it's not clear if this feature is still being worked on. Aloy did work with a lot of people in the first game, sometimes in cooperative missions so this rumor does carrying weight.

The first game sold over 10 million copies since launching in 2017 and that number will surely rise when the game comes to PC.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is currently available on PS4 and is coming to PC this summer.

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