126 Million Players Log Into Minecraft Each Month, New Educational Tools Coming Soon for Free

In celebration of Minecraft's 11th anniversary Microsoft revealed a new milestone for the massive title

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 May 2020

Minecraft remains one of the most popular franchises in entertainment. Since its launch, Mojang's indie hit has become a cultural icon thanks to continuous support from the developers and even more from the community. Now the cultural icon has reached its 11th anniversary and according to Microsoft, 126 million gamers log into the game every month.


Microsoft has stated they're working with the WHO to use Minecraft: Java Edition to teach players about proper procedures for social distancing and will provide more than 50 million downloads of free educational content starting March 24th as part of the Minecraft Education Collection.

Minecraft's popularity soared and continues to grow thanks to its dedicated community and massive custom content with players creating literal worlds within this game. In addition, Minecraft has been actively used as an educational tool and a social platform. With many using the game as a way to communicate, remain connected, and host events especially during the global quarantine.

Minecraft is now available on every gaming platform.

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