Bungie Announces Destiny 2: Season Of The Arrivals

Destiny 2’s Eleventh Season has been kept under wraps until its launch today

By TKras98, Posted 09 Jun 2020

In Bungie’s announcement livestream today, viewers got the first look at Destiny 2’s latest season, the Season of the Arrivals. While the stream was primarily focused on the game’s upcoming Fall Expansion, the new season, which starts today at 10am PST, has been kept mostly under wraps.

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Following the destruction of the Almighty, Guardians feel like they are unstoppable. However, things are more concerning than ever. The Pyramid Ships have arrived across several destinations. They have attempted to initiate contact, but the Hive leader, the Witch Queen Savathun, has interfered. Now, Guardians must fight back against this incursion. Later today, at 5pm PST, a new Dungeon, titled Prophecy, will also be launching as a part of this season. The time is now, more than ever, that Guardians must fight to protect their home from the destructive power of their enemies.

The Season of the Arrivals was accidentally leaked by the PlayStation Store, which listed a new microtransaction pack containing SIlver and a new Emote for the yet to be announced Season. The item has since been taken down, but will reappear soon if it has not already.

Tyler Krasnai.
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