Noir Mystery Title Night Call Will Launch on Xbox One and Switch this Month

Night Call makes the leap to consoles

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Jun 2020

Night Call has been out on PC for about a year but now developer Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin, along with publisher Raw Fury, are bringing the Nori mystery to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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The title will launch on June 24th.

Night Call has players seeing a collective narrative through the eyes of your fares. As a cab driver, you're working the Paris night shift as you attempt to find the killer who left your for dead. With over 90 passengers to extract information from players will need to uncover their stories to further your own goal.

GORGEOUS GAME NOIRE STYLE: Every character and location are lovingly hand-drawn in stunning black & white, evoking the pure tension of the noire style of art.

A VIVID AND ORIGINAL CAST: Meet dozens of original, surprising, realistic characters and share their lives for a few brief moments. Listen and help they might have something useful for you.

INVESTIGATION VS. SURVIVAL: Will you forsake information for more money, or sacrifice your income to get the info you need? Make your choices quickly time is running out!

MULTIPLE ENDINGS, MULTIPLE KILLERS: Can you uncover the identity of the killer each time? Be careful: a guilty suspect in one playthrough may be completely innocent in the next.

NON LINEAR NARRATIVE GAME: Encounters are random. Every run is different.

Night Call is coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on June 24th. It's now available for PC and PS4.

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Night Call


Platform(s): Xbox One, Switch, PC
Publisher(s): Raw Fury
Developer(s): Monkey Moon, BlackMuffin
Genres: Adventure
Themes: Noir
Release Date: 2019-07-17

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