Horizon Forbidden West Game Director Provides New Details About the Characters, Narrative, and More

What players can expect from Horizon Forbidden West

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Jun 2020

Horizon Forbidden West is the next installment in the brand new IP from Guerrilla Games. With game director Mathijs de Jonge providing new details about the title and what Aloy will encounter in this new adventure.

Horizon Forbidden West,NoobFeed,

The Forbidden West is an entire region that stretches from Utah to the Pacific North West. Players can travel through the world with virtually no loading screens or loading into a checkpoint. The map will be bigger than the first game, with entire underwater sections and new machines added to the game.

Aloy will travel to deserts, cities, and dense forests along with underwater areas. The pterodactyl shown at the end of the trailer is called a Sunwing, with each machine needed to be scanned to understand their weaknesses. The Mammoth machine called the Tremor Tusk is a large new foe Aloy will have to deal with. 

Humans will also live in this area. With new hostile and friendly tribes within the area. One of which has learned how to override machines and in the trailer is heavily hinted that Sylens leads this tribe.

Aloy will have so solve why this red plant-like thing is draining the biome, causing a complete environmental collapse. With super-cell storms that cover regions of the area.

Horizon Forbidden West launches in 2021 for PS4.

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