Game Publisher Posts On TikTok And Found The Following Things (Number 69 Will Blow Your Mind)

Game companies have started seeing the appeal of an untapped market.

By Daavpuke, Posted 07 Jul 2020

One of the results of the pandemic is that a lot of people are left with a sea of, supposedly, free time that isn't lost in transit or being in social situations. As a consequence of that loss of direction, adults have flooded the kids application, TikTok. It's like when Ellen DeGeneres dabbed; that's the stage we're at right now.

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Back to the point, game companies have started seeing the appeal of an untapped market. One game publisher, Kitfox Games, has posted on Medium, sharing their limited thoughts into the experimental move. Primarily, Victoria Tran, the communications director of the company and face of their account, saw this as an evolution of social media, quite like going to Facebook or Twitter prior.

It helps that one of the publisher's games, Boyfriend Dungeon, meshes with the aesthetics of the younger audience, interested in exploring their growth and sexuality. This game is responsible for their most popular post, though in comparison with others, the Kitfox account isn't doing stellar numbers, with somewhat over 1,000 followers and a top video count of 24,500.

Yet, companies should also be prudent. The TikTok audience holds a lot of radicalized youth that are critical of corporations and anti-establishment. Luckily, Tran sees the app as a way to strengthen brand recognition, more concerned with organic growth, rather than using social media for direct conversions, which is harder to track on TikTok.

The Medium post comes with a few tips for game companies who would like to join the fun on TikTok. One of the tips is to be authentic, because more than ever, the audience can spot a fake. It also helps to cross-post, since the TikTok model might work better elsewhere. Tiktok posts additionally grow over time, so the engagement on them isn't as fleeting as a tweet, for instance. Lastly, TikTok is a music app at heart, so choosing the correct, trending track is vital to getting eyes on a post.

There are a few more interesting observations in the article, about the culture of being on TikTok and the heavy censorship and monitoring of the app. It's unfortunately not all filters, dances and memes on the app.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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