Calling All Aspiring Game Developers: “My First Game Jam” Starts Tomorrow

Want to make a game? Check out’s beginner game jam.

By TKras98, Posted 10 Jul 2020

Starting tomorrow, on July 11th, the summer 2020 edition of My First Game Jam will be in full swing. Aspiring game developers from all over the world will have the opportunity to participate, and if you’re an aspiring game developer, you have the chance to participate as well. The hosts of the Jam on are developers behind games such as Love on the Peacock Express and Novadream.

The Cover Art for NOVADREAM

Anyone who wants to participate in this game jam just needs to head on over to their webpage, create an account if they don’t already have one, and fill out a brief questionnaire. There is a Discord Server as well as a Community forum for discussion, help, and even finding team members. The theme of the Jam, which is totally optional to include, is “Change.”

The game jam is going on until July 25th, but most of the beginner developers participating will likely have only a brief demo by then. If you’re interested in playing the games that will come out of this game jam, be sure to periodically check on the page until the 25th.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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