Ubisoft Forward Didn't Mention Sexual Harassment, Which Is Still A Statement

Ubisoft claims their video can't be edited in a pinch, but there's a low probability of that being true.

By Daavpuke, Posted 13 Jul 2020

Publisher Ubisoft got ahead of their event today, by releasing a statement that was not part of the event, called Ubisoft Forward. Their message, which alludes to their current climate of sexual harassment, could be found on Twitter instead.

Ubisoft, Sexual Harassment
Source: Twitter

Most of the quote tweets here were quick to point out what this post really says. Ubisoft claims their video can't be edited in a pinch, but there's a low probability of that being true. Other than being sure to capture the right tone, which is a matter of talking to the right people, a video is just a video. That footage can be alerted on the fly, particularly since the allegations started quite a while ago. In turn, the Twitter account is definitely used for promotional material as well, which the account has done amply before the stream. The opposite can happen as well, but it simply didn't. No one was buying this transparent message for me5 than the deflection it was.

Instead, Ubisoft Forward went ahead and showed off its lineup of games. In the announcements was more Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion and Far Cry 6. There was very little footage shown that wasn't really known beforehand, particularly because Far Cry 6 happened to leak just before the stream. Even if it didn't, Far Cry has been Far Cry for a while now. In all, Ubisoft is still making its line of Ubisoft games. Whatever your taste, the company has an open world with the appropriate skin for you.

Additionally, the Ubisoft Forward event made time to talk about Easter eggs in games, Rainbow Six Siege, and a short speech by founder Yves Guillemot, about video games. For reference, Rainbow Six Siege has been out since 2015. Yet, this took precedence to edit in an acknowledgment about the current, very serious, allegations within the company. This gruesome environment is definitely known within the company, as the publisher's social media points out. Facing consumers, however, the Ubisoft you know is business as usual. That silence is also a statement. If you know, then you know; but if you don't know, then please don't find out what we're doing.

Ubisoft mentioned that they would be doing more of these events later on. Likely, their commitments will be addressed then. That assumption, however, is still with the knowledge that the company could've faced their issues head-on, yet didn't. Instead, Ubisoft Forward talked about video games and not just any video games, but a series of known quantities with no surprises or frills. Truly, it is business as usual over at Ubisoft. That priority is clear. As with all their games, like The Division, which isn't political; no statement is still a statement.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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