No Man’s Sky: Desolation Update Revealed

Space is about to get a whole lot spookier

By TKras98, Posted 16 Jul 2020

No Man’s Sky, gaming’s greatest comeback story, is getting a fresh new update. This time, players are going to experience the dark evil that space has to offer. Across the galaxy, massive Freighters have been abandoned, and now its your job to figure out why.

A Derelict Freighter's Interior, swarming with Security Drones and Mysterious Alien Growths.

In the No Man’s Sky Desolation Update, these procedurally generated Freighters have been left to rot. Their crews are dead or missing, their life support systems have failed, their security systems have gone haywire, and something sinister has taken root inside. Its up to you and your friends to infiltrate these ships, find out what happened, and secure whatever valuable cargo is left for the taking.

To find these derelict freighters, players will have to do some exploring and make some purchases. Rarely, you can find freighters out and about in Space with the Subspace Radar, but most of the time players will need to buy Emergency Broadcast Receivers from the new Scrap Dealer NPCs on Space Stations. These little mechanisms are expensive. Their prices will fluctuate with demand, but reset each day. Regardless, they are a surefire way to uncover a freighter full of abandoned loot... And whatever horrors made it that way.

No Man’s Sky: Desolation comes out this month on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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