New VR Headset From Oculus May be in the Works

An image of what looks to be an updated Oculus Quest headset leaked via Twitter, highlighting some unique changes to the Quest's current setup.

By Kiemour, Posted 23 Jul 2020



When the Oculus Quest launched in Spring 2019, it revolutionized the VR world, bringing its standalone, wireless system and offering quality VR without a powerful PC. However, it is not without its problems; many users dislike the weight of the device, and the gameplay is not always up to par, due to the headset's smaller processing unit. Because of these problems, rumors have suggested that Facebook, who recently bought Oculus, was working on an improved Quest. Now, these rumors are gaining a little more ground, as a picture was leaked on Twitter on July 22.

Although the company's other standalone headset, Oculus Go, was discontinued, the current Quest has received a number of significant software updates since its launch, such as hand tracking and the Oculus Link system, which allows players to plug their Quest into a capable PC for an improved VR experience. However, Oculus' steps towards standalone VR may be going a little further than just the Oculus Link.

Quest 2.0

The leaked picture comes from WalkingCat on Twitter, who has leaked legitimate tech news in the past, ahead of official reveals. Because this new headset still has yet to be confirmed by Facebook or Oculus, players should take this news with a grain of salt, even though the design does seem promising.

The leaked picture shows a sleeker, all white Quest, one which seems to be not as front-heavy as its predecessor. Many users would complain about the weight and head straps of the Quest, as there was not a comfortable way to wear the device and keep it secure. While there is a lot of hardware crammed into the device, it makes sense that the Quest may be front heavy, especially because it is a standalone VR experience. 

Although the Oculus Quest has been consistently selling out recently, the promise of a new VR headset is great news for VR fans. If this new headset is legitimate, the current Quest will likely become more accessible for players looking to take their first steps into the VR world. 

To be frank, the Oculus Quest is the ideal stepping stone for trying out VR, as it is relatively cheap compared to the other, PC connected headsets (not even including the price of a capable PC), and features an extensive library of quality games. Whether or not this new Quest will become a reality, VR fans are excited to see the future of standalone VR.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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