Xbox Games Showcase Pre-Show - What You Missed

Dragon Quest XI S, Watch Dogs: Legion, Exomecha, and More

By TKras98, Posted 23 Jul 2020

Before the full Xbox Games Showcase showing off all of Microsoft’s first party titles for the upcoming Xbox Series X, Geoff Keighly and Summer Game Fest showed off a few exclusive clips from games new and old coming to Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

Dragon Quest XI S

The show started with a surprise announcement from Square Enix: Dragon Quest XI S is coming to Xbox One. Dragon Quest was quickly followed by the announcement of a new game from another studio: Exomecha. Exomecha is a game that features futuristic infantry combat highlighted by giant robots fighting as well. The trailer highlighted melee combat between these towering machines, alongside images of things like a massive mechanical dragon.

SGF also showed off content for Watch Dogs: Legion, highlighting more of the possibilities that players can uncover in the massive game. Cococumber also revealed their new title Echo Generation, an 80s themed title with what looks like a lot of strange mysteries to uncover. After another stint with some YouTuber guests, they also revealed Hello Neighbor 2, the sequel to the fan favorite indie title which revolved around breaking into your neighbor’s house to discover his dark and mysterious secrets without being caught. The sequel initially appears to feature a strange bird-like creature as the game’s primary antagonist, but later showed fans the original enigmatic Neighbor.

Hello Neighbor: The Neighbor

The show also included a showcase of ID @ Xbox titles, a slew of indie games that have been continually showcased throughout showcases like the Summer Game Fest, Day of the Devs, Guerrilla Games, and more. Some of the games highlighted included Sable, Tunic, Dead Static Drive, Mad Streets, Shredder, and The Ascent. 

The pre-show concluded with an announcement from Square Enix: Balan Company. Balan Company is a new studio inside of Square Enix, and their first game is an action title called Balan Wonderland. In a world inspired by Musical Theater, players have to traverse imaginary worlds and solve puzzles using various costumes that provide special abilities. The game will be available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X with Smart Delivery.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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