Sega Clarifies New Genesis Is A Phantasy Star Online 2 Relaunch

Characters from the current game will migrate over

By Fragnarok, Posted 24 Jul 2020

Announced at the Xbox Game Showcase, New Genesis: Phantasy Star Online 2 had some fans perplexed at what exactly the title’s status was: an expansion, sequel, or reboot. Its graphical fidelity and open world was far above what Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently capable of, though most of its animation and gameplay remained the same. Sega’s community managers clarified on the official Facebook page that New Genesis is in fact a relaunch of the game, and that existing characters will cross over to the new next-gen engine.

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Such an ambitious MMO reboot worked in the past for games like Final Fantasy 14, which retained the same background lore and classes, while overhauling the previous engine. Destiny 2 also served as a soft relaunch, with all old Destiny characters having the option of being imported. With a massive established player base, the transition to New Gensis may go smoothly.

However, the official website is a bit unclear about just how the game will release internationally. The North American site displays only Xbox One and Windows 10 logos, but switching to Japanese replaces them with PlayStation 4 and Switch. Will the game truly be a console exclusive per region, or is it simply for marketing.

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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