Tell Me Why Release Date Confirmed, Currently a Microsoft Exclusive Launch

During the Xbox Games showcase, a trailer for DontNod's newest, choice-based game revealed the release date for the emotional Tell Me Why.

By Kiemour, Posted 24 Jul 2020

DontNod Entertainment, the company behind the Life is Strange franchise, has revealed the release date for a new, emotional story called Tell Me Why. This story will focus on gender transitioning, which is a huge step in video game history. However, since the developer just recently focused on racial injustice with Life is Strange 2, it is not that surprising that this new game will be centered around another bold, controversial issue.

In DontNod's upcoming choice-based adventure, the player will follow the story of Tyler, as he experiences flashbacks from his childhood with his sister, Alyson. Shortly after the pair were separated, Tyler becomes a transgender man, and the game's story is centered around how his transition not only affected their childhood, but also their mother.

Tell Me Why, flashback

The emotional trailer reveals that the game, like others from DontNod, will primarily focus on the relationship between the two siblings, and Alyson's unconditional support for her brother. An air of mystery seems to surround the siblings, revealing a confusing flashback, accompanied by the words "We all believe what happened that night was self-defense." No matter what or why it happened, the pair are determined to dig up any clues that they can and uncover the truth.

The team behind Tell Me Why revealed that Tyler is the first playable transgender character from any major studio, and DontNod worked closely with GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to accurately portray his transition, making it authentic and familiar for the community which it is standing for. 

Unlike other DontNod titles, however, the Tell Me Why team worked primarily with Microsoft to develop their newest game, so the new title will only launch on PC and Xbox One, as well as the next-generation Xbox Series X. At the moment, no news of a PlayStation port or release has been announced, although the Life is Strange franchise was hugely successful on the platform. 

Fans wanting to play Tell Me Why will have access to the first chapter on August 27, although the full release schedule has yet to be revealed. Regardless of the platforms that this new story launches on, it is bound to be an emotional, heart-wrenching story, that hopefully shows the world the validity of transitioned people, as well as their unfair treatment.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed 

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