Executive Producer Details Magic Legends Co-Op Potential

Magic: The Gathering is a popular card-based battle game, and as it makes its way towards an MMORPG, more details about the gameplay are revealed.

By Kiemour, Posted 29 Jul 2020

Magic: The Gathering has been a longstanding card game that has entertained thousands of fans, leading to countless official and unofficial tournaments worldwide. Because of this success, the game entered the PC realm with their digital version of the game, Magic Arenas, and it seems that the franchise is far from over. Magic Legends, an upcoming game which allows players to control planes walkers in an RPG style is currently in closed alpha, and set to launch in 2021.

The new game, Magic Legends, is currently structured as an RPG with MMO elements, allowing players to complete the game solo or with a group of online players. This multiplayer feature is a huge feature for many expectant fans, as the co-op system will allow groups of 3 players to unleash their powers as one, defeating bosses and cooperating to improve one another's spells. However, there may be some letdowns for fans of this multiplayer feature.

Magic Legends, Gameplay

In a recent interview with GameRant, Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa detailed exactly how the multiplayer would function in the upcoming game. The interview included discussion about new healing spells to assist allies, and slowly moved towards the topic of couch co-op. However, Ricossa revealed that no current plans allowed for players to utilize the same console and play together. On the other hand, the producer did mention that this feature was "not completely off the table," meaning that there is a possibility for local co-op, though no steps have been made in that direction. Magic Legends will be a free to play game, so this lack of local co-op likely won't be a disadvantage to the game's community. 

The team behind Magic Legends has not been slacking in their reveals despite beta testing their upcoming game; four out of the five starting classes have been revealed. Players will be able to command Beastcallers, Geomancers, Mind Mages, and Sanctifiers, all of which have unique abilities and spells. The game will not only encourage teamwork, but also a fair bit of strategy for solo and team players alike. 

Magic Legends is currently set to release in 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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