Valorant Has $100 Worth Of New Skins Again

The bundle of four meaty guns and a knife is called Glitchpop and it certainly lives up to the name.

By Daavpuke, Posted 04 Aug 2020

Developer Riot Games is back at it again with their competitive shooter, Valorant. In their latest cosmetics reveal, they've once more shown weapon skins that will certainly look great, but also cost an arm and a leg to obtain. The bundle of four meaty guns and a knife is called Glitchpop and it certainly lives up to the name.

Valorant, $100 Worth, New Skins

In addition to the melee, the skins can be applied to the Frenzy, Bulldog, Judge and the Odin. The latter one in particular looks even more statuesque than usual, all decked out. The main theme of the pack is vibrant, neon colors and blaring signs and lettering, like a futuristic Japanese commercial. Killing people, but make it kawaii. The guns will come with special visuals and sounds that can be leveled up additionally, to show off things like unique animations. An article on Inverse has a detailed look at the cyberpunk skins, including quick reels of the weapons in action.

Likely the most unique trait of the cosmetics is the randomness factor to it. Pulling out your knife will switch between green, pink or blue, so you can have your favorite glow stick.

The price, however, is up to Riot standards of elevation. For all the Glitchpop skins together, you'll need to reserve another $100, like their previous release. Luckily, à la carte options are available, with the knife being worth double the points of the guns. The Odin and the Frenzy don't see a crazy amount of play time, so maybe you'll be able to save a little money that way.

There's a reason that Riot games are free and Valorant seems to be shaping up to be similar to their other franchises, with these pricey Glitchpop skins. They do look like great skins though.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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