Mortal Shell Release Date Announced

Possess legendary warriors later this month

By TKras98, Posted 05 Aug 2020

Today, in a bit of a surprise announcement, the small team behind the upcoming soulslike Mortal Shell dropped a trailer for the game’s release. The game is now set to launch later this month, on August 18th. On launch day, the game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC through the Epic Games Store, with a release on Steam planned for 2021.

A Mini-Boss, Enslaved Grisha, from the Mortal Shell Beta Demo

In Mortal Shell, players have the ability to possess the long-dead bodies of a variety of ancient warriors. These bodies, “Shells,” all have unique abilities and play styles that change up every encounter you may come across. Earlier this summer, the developers at Cold Symmetry released a small beta, really more of a demo, set in two early zones. Players could unlock two weapons and two shells in order to face off against an array of unique enemies and two mini-bosses, but a majority of the game was closed off. Many fans of Dark Souls and the Soulslike genre are eager to get their hands on this game.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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