Control's long-awaited Alan Wake expansion finally has a release date of August 27th.

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The expansion called Altered World Event comes with a new trailer of Jessie heading to a new area of The Oldest House and facing more Hiss. This time Alan's voice can be heard as he warns Jessie to stay in the light.

According to Sony the expansion will have Jessie traveling to an unknown sector of The Oldest House where the most deadly items the board has discovered are stored. The sector was sealed off after a "horrible" event but now Jessie must chase down a mysterious object and secured it before this creature of darkness can.

Jessie will get a new Service Weapon option called Surge that works like a sticky grenade launcher and face a new enemy type called the HIss Airborne Ranger which can fly and attack Jessie with a shotgun.

Jessie can now replay missions, a much-requested feature by interacting with Altered Items she has cleansed. Along with a brand new horde mode.

Control's first expansion, The Foundation, provided more context into this complex world and fans are hoping for more answers. Especially regarding the Founder and the Board.

Control was one of the best games to release in 2019, even becoming NoobFeed's GOTY of 2019. It stars Jessie Faden, a seemingly ordinary person looking for her brother. However, over the course of the adventure, we learn that Jessie is much more special as she battles against a supernatural force while inside a building housing some of the most deadly otherworldly objects humanity has ever encountered.

Control is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Control,NoobFeed,505 Games,


Control,NoobFeed,505 Games,


Control,NoobFeed,505 Games,



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