The Last of Us Part II Gets New Trophies, Grounded Difficulty Option, Permadeath, and More

New update for The Last of Us Part II adds new content and trophies Coming August 13th

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Aug 2020

The Last of Us Part II's new content drop was leaked yesterday when the trophy list went live on PSN. Now Sony has confirmed the update and it's coming this August 13th.

The Last of Us Part II,Grounded Option,NoobFeed,

Introducing our new #TheLastofUsPartII Grounded Update, launching Thursday!

It adds:
?? Grounded Difficulty
?? Permadeath Mode
?? 2 New Trophies
?? Unlockable Modifiers
?? New Features & Improvements

Watch the trailer:
Learn more:

— Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) August 11, 2020

The update will add Grounded, the hardest option in the series that was introduced in The Last of Us Remastered. This mode makes enemies more deadlier and all resources extremely limited. There's no listen mode, HUD, and a lot more. It'll be available at the beginning without the player needing to have beat the game.

Permadeath will end the game once killed. You can adjust this to specific checkpoints or chapters, but the real challenge is beating the entire game without dying. With an option available that restarts all progression to the beginning.

New filters have been added such as 8-bit retro, Noir, and 28 other filters. This includes:

Mirror World

Mirror on Death

Slow Motion

Bullet Speed Mode

Infinite Ammo

Infinite Crafting

Infinite Melee Durability

Infinite Listen Mode Range

One Shot

Touch of Death

8-bit Audio

4-bit Audio

Helium Audio

Xenon Audio

Saves now display playtime up to the second

Film Grain Adjustment option

Disable Listen Mode option

Motion Sensor Function Aiming option

Arc Throw HUD Display option

Aiming Acceleration Scale option

Aiming Ramp Power Scale option

Accessibility improvements to Ground Zero encounter, collectible tracking, Enhanced Listen Mode for collectibles, and rope gameplay

Other adjustments to the 1.05 update include the ability to disable Listen Mode, adjust Film Grain options, display options, and playtime for speedrunning.

The Last of Us Part II is now available for PS4.

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