GameStop Announces Gear Up for Fall Sale, Discounting Games and Accessories Alike

Video Game retailer GameStop kicks off a new sale that lasts throughout the week of August 16, 2020, including massive deals on players' favorite games.

By Kiemour, Posted 17 Aug 2020

Quickly after GameStop's Pro Day Sale (August 15), the company is reaching out to its non-subscribed customers, offering a Gear Up for Fall Sale. During this sale, the store is offering savings on everything in-store, from games to T-Shirts to Funko pops. Many of the gaming deals are similar to those from the Pro Days Sale, giving the common gamer a fair shot at a good price. 

Concerning the video game deals, GameStop is offering up to 50% off pre-owned games $20 or less. If players purchase additional games, the savings begin to stack. Buying 2 games grants 20% off the total, and 3 reduces the cost by 30%. The stacking limit stops at 5 games, reducing the price by 50%, which should give players plenty of new material to survive the fall months, whatever they may be doing.

GameStop, Gear Up for Fall Days

As for accessories, T-shirts are priced at $10 each; backpacks and lanyards are 25% off. Although many shoppers don't go to GameStop for the backpacks, they have some pretty interesting designs, such as a Baby Yoda Mandalorian pack, down from $80 to $60. Basic electronics have also gotten their share in the deals, dropping earbuds and case prices by 25%, as well as lighting strips.

Funko Pops, the popular bobblehead-like figurines, are selling 5 for $20, granted that all Pops in your cart are $8.98 or less. Controllers have also dropped to $39.99, perfect for gamers who have been looking to pick up a new controller for any reason. Select refurbished headsets and console accessories have also been reduced, though the price varies based on the item.

Many of the critically acclaimed games from recent years are receiving huge discounts, such as Borderlands 3 ($20), Death Stranding ($20), Nioh 2 ($20), Red Dead Redemption 2 ($40), and many others. Just make sure to purchase the pre-owned versions to get the discounts! GameStop does remove all previous data from these pre-owned titles, so players can get them like new, minus any in-game codes or similar promotions that come with a new game. 

No matter how you like to play or show off your inner gamer, GameStop has a reduced price on the perfect thing for you. Since the sale only lasts until August 22, players have a week to take advantage of these new deals, whether in-store, curbside or online.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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