New Update For Black Desert On Xbox One and PS4 Awakens Hashashin Class

Hashashin class is now awakened

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Aug 2020

Black Desert players on console can now download a new update featuring a new Awakening skills for Hashashin class, a secondary weapon, and more.

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To awaken Hashashin you must reach level 56 and talk to the Black Spirit. The update adds the following skills:

Ensnaring Sands - Use Hashashin’s powers to shift the sand beneath an enemy’s feet, trapping them in place.

Constriction - Hashashin can summon sand snakes that will constrict and bind your foe, rendering them immobile

The Paradise Surge - quickly close the recent gap between Hashashin and a given enemy to deliver a lethal blow. 

In addition, the Dream Horse - Arduanatt and other horse skills have been added to the game. Along with exclusive skills for Arduanatt such as turning left and right during Wings of Wind and gliding through the air after a double jump.

A whisper among horse trainers around the world speak of a horse with such grace that it seems to literally walk on air. Others speak of a legendary horse with wings, that can take flight with elegance and grace. Those stories seem to be true as the Arduanatt dream horse can now be obtained in game.


In order to attempt the transformation of a horse into the legendary Arduanatt, you will first need to obtain a Tier 8 courser at level 30. You will then need to use materials in order to train certain characteristics in the horse, and when it has 200% training in a characteristic, enhancement can take place.

You can read about all the changes here.

Black Desert is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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