Overwatch Gives Tracer a New Comic Series, Introduces Unique Skin

A new Overwatch comic recently released, further extending the game's lore around fan favorite speedy, time traveling hero, Tracer.

By Kiemour, Posted 14 Sep 2020

Lena Oxton, better known as Tracer in the world of Overwatch, has just received the first in a brand new set of comics, based in a universe after the disbanding of Overwatch. This has been the mot recent comic release since Retrobution in 2018. Overwatch's official Twitter announced the new comic and skin with a unique 23 second clip earlier on September 14.

To celebrate the debut of this new comic series, dubbed "London Calling", Overwatch is holding a limited-time event that will grant players with a unique Tracer skin upon completion. The event lasts from September 15 to the 28th, and will be called "Tracer's Comic Challenge."

Although the skin will only be around for a little while, the comic is available indefinitely on Overwatch's official website. The new Tracer story is one of five planned issues, all of them focusing on Tracer's interactions with the Omnics that live in London. As for where the story fits into the grand scheme of Overwatch, it has been revealed that this series is a precursor to Winston recalling the remaining members of Overwatch for the game's sequel campaign.

Tracer, Comic skin, Exclusive

However, the exclusive skin is not featured in this new series of comics. Rather, the Tracer skin was based off the idea of comics, especially noticable due to her leggings, which are plastered with comic panels. Tracer's new skin also gives her sound effect decals on her sleeves, such as "Zap!" and "Pow!". Because Tracer's new skin was based off of the idea of comics as a whole, rather than a specific adventure, the skin will likely remain exclusive to the game, and for a limited time at that.

As with previous Overwatch comics, Tracer's new storyline is published by Dark Horse Comics, though it is currently unclear whether physical versions of the issue will be released to the public. At the moment, all 5 of Tracer's stories will be available on the official Overwatch website, via PDF.

No release dates for the future issues have been announced by Blizzard just yet, though the issue's timeline hints that they will likely coencide with the release of Overwatch 2, set to launch early in 2021. Whenever these future installments of Tracer's adventures release, fans should definitely pick them up to prepare for the lore-heavy Overwatch 2.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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