Warner Bros. Assures Fans That J.K. Rowling Wasn't Involved With Upcoming Hogwarts: Legacy

Soon after the reveal of an upcoming game based in Rowling's wizarding world, developer Warner Bros. was quick to tell fans how little the author has to do with the title.

By Kiemour, Posted 17 Sep 2020

After months of rumors circling the internet about a brand new, Harry Potter themed RPG, the news was made official at the PlayStation 5 event on September 16. Although many fans are excited about the new game, many are hesitant because of recent tweets from author J.K. Rowling.

For those who are unaware, Rowling has recently been under fire for a slew of transphobic tweets, as well as an essay that was written to "clarify" her stance on the issue. As one might imagine, this poses a dilemna for fans who want to support the game and the universe, but not its transphobic author.

Rowling's newly released novel muddies the waters even more, telling a story from the eyes of a serial killer. In Troubled Blood, the cisgendered male lead character cross-dresses to prey on women, who he later murders. Many former Rowling fans have expressed anger, alienation and even grief over enjoying Rowling's imaginative Harry Potter series.

Although some fans see the Wizarding World as tainted by Rowling's views, Warner Bros. is doing its best to promote the fact that their new game will be inclusive and respectful to transgender people. 

Hogwarts: Legacy, No Rowling Influence

In its official FAQ statement, Warner Bros. emphasized that the company was committed to "fostering a diverse and inclusive culture" and their "responsibility to foster empathy" in the upcoming game. As for Rowling's involvement with the title, Warner Bros. claimed that Hogwarts: Legacy will utilize Rowling's universe, saying: "[Her] extraordinary body of writing is the foundation of all projects in the wizarding world."

These announcements are essential to the success of the game, as many fans have preempively called for a boycot of the title when it releases. Rowling will undoubtedly receive royalties from the game's sales, though Warner Bros. insists that Hogwarts: Legacy will be expanding the wizarding world, allowing players to enter the world at least a century before Rowling's original adventure.

Based on the gameplay, graphics and activities revealed at the PlayStation 5 event earlier this week, Legacy seems like it could be a Potterhead's dream come true. Because the story will be a brand new idea, without any influence from Rowling, it has potential to rival or even surpass previous Harry Potter titles.

Regardless, the game is still early in the production process, as it was only recently revealed to the public. However, it will be available for nearly all platforms when it does launch, save the Nintendo Switch. Hogwarts: Legacy will debut in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S & X.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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