Cyberpunk 2077 Latest Trailer Details the Gangs of Night City

CD Projekt RED confirms the Maelstrom, Valentinos, Tiger Claws, Voodoo Boys, 6th Street, and all the other gangs living in Night City

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Sep 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 is the biggest game launching this generation. With CD Projekt RED having another information drop during the third episode of Night City Wire. Showing off the various gangs players will interact with and how they operate.

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The Maelstorm was shown in a previous demo. This street gang has taken augmentation to a whole new level and depends on cybernetic weapons. Often taking the parts of their victims by force, whether they are adults or children.

The Valentinos consist of the Hispanic people in Night City. They have strong religious foundations and value family above everything. These people are well trained in melee combat and working to smuggle only the most exclusive goods.

The Voodoo boys worship the grid and are looking for the secret to immortality. They're the most skilled netrunners in Night City and we've seen that V will have to interact with them during the core campaign.

The Animals were also shown in a previous demo. Extremely strong individuals who abuse a drug called Juice to obtain Hulk-like bodies. Violent and unpredictable taking these people directly without the right augments is suicide.

The Tiger Claws consist of the Asian community and from the trailer use high-powered sabers and claws.

The Moxes are perhaps one of the few altruistic gangs shown in Night City. Consisting of sex workers and pimps who look out for one another. In a previous Night City episode, we learned they were created after the death of Elizabeth Borden, a stripper and ex-prostitute who treated her workers fairly and defended them. After her death, those loyal to her honor Elizabeth's legacy by continuing her work.

The Badlands have their own gangs, the Wraiths and Aldecaldos with their own fights for control.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be out on November 19 for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Stadia, and PC.

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